Hello 2021

quick update on the current status

After summer, Czechs went from springtime "best in Covid" (you gotta see this...) to the not-so-cocky "worst in Covid" motto. Currently, numbers are not good and we are back in the national lockdown, (im)patiently waiting for vaccines to take over. So life goes on and there is a light, but it feels like currently, we’re all 50% frozen in here :)

As for our business, incoming tourism completely shut down in the mid-late September and so we are in the home office mode, trying to focus on other things and improvements for the next summer season.

So let’s get to the more exciting stuff...

We are ready to launch our Old Town tour option! This is a great complement to our successful Castle Side experience. It also includes beer and food tasting and it offers unique exploration of the other side of the river in the similar fun-educational way. This historical area often feels like a complex labyrinth of little streets, squares, hidden pasages and alleyways. Along the way, you will learn more about medieval Prague, emperor’s times, austro-hungarian and national revival period, as well as more modern themes - World War II and communist "dark years". We will tell you about mysterious religious orders, famous inventors and astronomers, authors, house symbols stories, popular old night clubs and more. It was a pleasure to research and we are confident this will be another hit tour.

We also printed flyers and plan to distribute those. This is a big deal, since our whole first year, we mainly depended on AirBNB re-seller platform. Now when our own website is finished, the aim is to get more visible and get to even more happy customers.

Once the borders open again and travellers start to come, we’re back on it - provide the best possible way to explore and enjoy the Prague 1 district!


Ondra & Jakub

P.S. click here to see photos from today’s walk (finally snow!!)