2022 recap - it was a good year!


We did more than 300 tours with 1850 clients.

- We finally hit 1000 reviews on Airbnb with "The Castle Side", kept a 4.97 average rating. "Old Town Road" is currently 4.98. High quality and customer satisfaction is the #1 goal, we do our 100% with each group.

- We also hit 100 on TripAdvisor. To be honest, I am not sure how much is this platform still relevant (we’ll focus on Google Reviews more), however, we’re still proud we haven’t lost a single star.

- We managed to get bookings from more different channels / resellers compared to before.

- Hooray, we have (currently) the most popular Questo game in Prague: "Alchemy and Dark Arts".

- We also did 10 online experiences this year.

- Plus we were in charge of PragueWay Tours: e-scooter, segway and walking tours - proud to have a great team of guides!

After we decided to jump all-in tourism back in Jan. 2020, big time shit happened with Covid, so we are very happy that this year went so well.

Let’s kick more ass in 2023!

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